Hardware Solutions

  • Keirro can deliver projects for a wide selection of hardware ranging from virtual reality on PC to mobile phone applications. We can also create competitively priced packages to suit all your hardware needs.
  • HTC Vive compatible architecture virtual reality scenes

    HTC Vive

    With the tracking lighthouses of the HTC Vive being able to be up to 5.5 metres apart it is a force to be reckoned with. The massive room scale ability will allow you to walk around our scenes as if in a real space.

    The HTC Vive also has a chaperone system, which will allow you to map out your surroundings to alert people if they are about to hit something in the real world.

    The hand controllers that come with the HTC Vive will give you the ability to teleport around our scenes and has some of the best tracking we have seen in a virtual reality device.

  • virtual reality

    Oculus Rift

    This sleek little number has the advantage of being lighter than the HTC Vive and also a bit more comfortable to wear.

    The Oculus Rift has recently gained some hand controllers called Oculus Touch and now also has the ability to do room scale but on a smaller scale.

    Oculus Rift will suit people with a much smaller space to play with.

  • 180 degree viewing screen

    180 Degree FOV Screen

    Don't want virtual reality but  still want the WOW factor? look no further! With a 1M x 2.67M 180 degree screen this is the ultimate non VR viewing platform. Using 2 projectors we can achieve from 2k to 12k resolution for ultimate clarity. The black screen boosts colours, contrasts, blacks and detail and is designed to work in day light conditions.

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